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Why Choose us ?

Why Choose Us ?

Traceable of products

To ensure the quality of products,Quality control from the source,Visualization is accomplished in each process.Consumers can check the entire process from the source to the delivery.

Organic Cashmere creator

According to the organic regulations of the United States and the European Union, livestock production is carried out in natural green. The whole farmland does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to eliminate genetically modified forage grasses. According to strict pastoral regulations, the cashmere produced by cashmere goats has passed the internationally authoritative “CO”. Organic certification has reached the "organic standard."To promote the sustainable health of the cashmere industry. development.

We can provide professional OEM and ODM services to meet the needs of different customers. According to the customer's design drawings and samples, to provide customers with satisfactory samples and bulk orders.

OEM & ODM Service

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Natural Materials


Marino Wool


Yak Wool

Cashmere garments have good moisture absorption and breathability, and they are comfortable and easy to wear.

The wool fiber is soft, elastic, full-feeling, hygroscopic, warm, and comfortable to


The characteristics of camel hair are: full and beautiful suede, soft and elastic texture, thick handfeel, bright color and good warmth.

The silk product is firm and strong, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and it is cool and comfortable to wear.

The yak has a light fluffy color, soft and delicate handfeel, the surface is bright and radiant. It has good toughness, high strength, not easy to pilling when worn, and not easy to shrink after washing.

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